In music, the aim I believe is the need for all the notes to bond in structure and function and to create a unique musical piece that pursues and may attain a unique sound of oneness.  When it does so – it is a masterpiece, and a true piece of art
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When the sounds and harmonies come together in a Oneness,  the nakedness of truth is exposed


There are UNITS and there are BONDS. 

The units are the notes and the position of the notes in relation to  the next note enables the bond or the connection.

The notes get together to make something new and bigger than the component parts, in the time and space provided to them . 
If this combination is “right”,  wholeness in the music is created

This is the beginning and the end of the story of music in

The Common Vein


Elisey Mysin at Astana Piano Passion This child plays from his soul at 6 years old

Posted this guitar duet on the front page because not only does the music become 1 with 2 people playing but the interaction of the man and women also has a romantic “oneness ” Both these elements reflect the essence of The Common Vein – When things in combination make something bigger than the individual parts and when when it reaches perfection  it is miraculous and real Oneness is experienced  – This is our pursuit whether we know it or not!

Tico Tico Duo Siqueira Lima ‘Amazing Performance”


The Beinoni –

The median (the intemediate)….  I think about the bonds

A Story and Philosophy with the Music

“This melody is less about dissonance and harmony, and more about the music they make together.  The Tanya is titled “The Book of Beinonim”  … The median man and woman who endeavour every day to take life’s notes and compose the most sublime music possible. Listen to the beautiful struggle of musician and instrument becoming one. The deep bass and high treble…. and the median balance humbly achieved together……It is the story, and melody of your life.”

The Beinoni Laura Melnicoff Park Slope Synagogue

When the Corona virus of 2019 disabled the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra the individual instruments and musicians were separated geographically but the music still came together as one musical piece


The parts becoming one in the orchestra- exemplified during tthe Covid 19 pandemic where the individuals in the orchestra are individually recognized as is the combination of their individuality into one

Happy Passover from the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra 

Bolero by Ravel Played During COVID 19 Typifying Units to Unity

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